Merry Christmas from One HUM Guy to the Whole World!

This is what one of our younger guys posted on Facebook. Thought you would appreciate it.

I don’t want or need any ‘stuff’ this Christmas. Last year, I would have rattled off several dozen things that I felt would improve my life. But this year, I’m content with what I have. I have clothes, shoes, my trusty pea coat, three actual-not-junk-food meals a day, books aplenty here at the HUM’s library, nice headphones and a CD I’m not sick of, and internet access. I get to pal around with my Dad on a regular basis and keep up with the rest of the family back home. I’m good.

What I REALLY want for Christmas this year… what I need and don’t feel like I have… what I would love to see happen… is for EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I have ever met to be LOVED. Everyone. All of my family, estranged or not; Friends current and former, distant and far, from lifelong to nameless party pal; exes and past lovers, regardless of how things were left, as well as their current partners if I’ve met them by chance; those who have hurt me or feel hurt by me; former coworkers and employers; the non-human, four-legged furred people; all these nut-jobs at the HUM (that’s clients AND staff)…

Everyone. I want them to feel loved. To be told “I love you.” To be held or touched, be it a hug, a kiss, a slap on the shoulder, a ruffle of the hair, a pat on the hand, an enthusiastic thumb-contact-high-five-plus-one-arm-bro-hug, or… y’know… that other stuff that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

To be appreciated in a deep, heart-felt, throat-lump-making, honest way that hits them deep down in the soul. I just want them to be loved by somebody, that’s all. I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

I hope… no, I pray that you’ll get that love from someone this year. Keep an eye out for it, and be open to receive it. And if you’re reading this, and happen to know and love someone I know, be the one to deliver that gift. You’ll be doing everyone a solid.

From all of us at HUM to you – Merry Christmas!
Pastory Gary Byers
Deputy Director