Pretty Different One Year Later!

Fitz has been in active addiction since his late teens. Next month he turns 50 and a year ago next month he was locked up.

But upon release, Fitz came to Helping Up Mission and joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. While here 6 months, he didn’t use in jail – so Fitz is almost 12 months clean.

To no one’s surprise, without chemicals in his system, he now thinks quite differently. Focused and motivated, he’s doing some pretty good things.

Fitz is making plans to go back to school – actually seminary! He used to love the academic setting and thrived in that world, until…

Back then, too, Fitz’s work ethic earned him the respect and appreciation of his supervisors. He said he was the “go-to brother” to get things done on the job, until…

Always a good guy, he never burned bridges with his family. But they did not approve of his choices and consequently Fitz was a frequent no-show at family fucntions for years.

But the man he has become today is someone everybody likes having around. And Fitz says momma is a big fan of HUM today!

One of Fitz’s old drinking buddies – and his bunk-buddy from lock-up(!) – showed up here this past weekend. Fitz is glad to see him and happy for him to have an opportunity to change his life, too.

The 2013 Christmas season has been a special time for Fitz. He’s grateful for everything he has in his life today and is excited about prospects for his future. It will begin unfolding…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director