They’re All Lucky to be Alive & Jay’s Grateful!

Heard from Jay today. He came to Helping Up Mission in January 2010 but didn’t finish. In fact, he’s been here twice for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recover Program but never stayed to graduate.

The good news here is that we help guys who don’t graduate, too! Jay’s message to me was how faithful God has been to him and his family. Said he’s been clean 4 years, with a single relapse in September 2011. Today he’s a guy grateful to God, loving recovery and enjoying his family.

I had heard from Jay in early November, too. His family car was hit head-on by an out-of-control SUV going 55 in a 35mph zone. Jay’s youngest daughter, Zoe (born last Christmas day) had both femurs broken. Zoe’s 3-year sister, Jolie, had her three front teeth knocked out. Jay’s kneecap was shattered and he had cracked ribs and lacerations.

But he assured me this event wasn’t going to take him out of his recovery or his kid’s lives. They would all work hard to get well for Baby Z’s first birthday this Christmas morning.

I guess he meant it! Today’s message said baby Z comes out of her body brace in a week and Jay in two weeks! Jolie’s adapted to biting with her side teeth! Then he wrote:

Life is so precious. It’s not until something tragic like this happens that we realize how fragile we are! When I look back on my using days, I can’t believe I acted that way! I don’t take a minute for granted anymore! Merry Christmas!

One Christmas at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director