Proverb for the Day 12:2 — It’s My Call!

Good people obtain favor from the Lord, but he condemns those who devise wicked schemes.

This verse speaks of the LORD and two guys – the “good” and “those who devise wicked schemes.” There is really no surprise here that the good “obtain favor from the LORD” and He “condemns” the guys who comes up with wicked plans.

It’s the same God dealing with two separate guys very differently. The basis for that difference is the choices each guy makes. Before deciding what we are going to do, it would do us all well to not forget that God – who sees and knows all – will also deal with us accordingly.

But we need to understand, the key is not what I do. Instead it centers on my attitudes and choices – “devise” has to do with my thinking, not my actions. It’s my call! It’s also One Day at a Time!