Tom’s Friend & Family

Tom has struggled with alcohol for decades. A few months ago, he got drunk and wound up in the hospital. After being stabilized, they recommended he go to Helping Up Mission.

He been here for about four months now. But since he pretty much burned all his bridges with family members as Thanksgiving approached, Tom had no plans to see any of them.

On Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, Tom got a visit from an old friend of the family. They had a good talk together and he could see that sober Tom was a different guy. He suggested Tom call his brother. Tom said he didn’t have his number but the friend did and handed Tom his phone. “Go ahead, make the call!”

So he did and they had a good conversation. His brother could also tell that things were different and invited Tom to come to the house over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Tom shared this story on Monday in class. He’s very thankful for his friend’s visit on Wednesday. He’s grateful to see his family over the holiday weekend. He’s also pleased that others are seeing in him some of what he’s feeling himself!