One of the Good Old Boys…

Darryl’s been at Helping Up Mission for 8 months. He arrived as a retired iron-worker at age 62. D drank “liqua” and managed as a functioning alcoholic for decades. But after retirement, he got bored with nothing to do and his drinking quickly spun out of control.

So Darryl wound up in detox and they recommended a program. While he’s from this area of the city and drove past our campus regularly, Darryl never knew about HUM. But it was close to home, so he chose to come here.

When Darryl first arrived in class he looked like a wild-man with his out-of-control gray beard and head full of unruly hair. And he talked just about as crazy as he looked!

But Darryl was looking for something in his life and he actually adapted pretty quickly to our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program. He got into the Bible – something he had grown up with – and not afraid of work, settled well into a work therapy responsibility here.

To see Darryl today with his stylish haircut and well-manicured mutton-chop sideburns, its just hard to imagine its the same guy. And I’m happy to report that his change on the inside is just as dramatic!

One D at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director