Proverb 30:10 — You Might Not Ought to Say That!

Do not slander a servant to his master, or he will curse you, and you will pay for it.

Interference in another man’s household was not well received in the ancient world – by either servant or master – whether the facts were true or not. The situation is this verse involves “slander,” which suggests what is said may not be completely accurate.

Either way, saying something not-so-nice to another about one of their servants may not go well. In fact, it may lead to a “curse” – although it isn’t clear from which one of them it will come. So the lesson here is to be wise and careful about stepping into other people’s lives – even if what we have to say is true.

We’ve all heard stories about domestic disputes where the police were called. When they attempted to deal with one of the parties (the antagonist), the other one party (the protagonist) then jumps to their defense against the police.

This verse reminds us about the complications of interpersonal relationships. Wisdom suggests that it is generally good advice to stay out. Yet there may be times when we feel that we simply must get involved. In that case, we just need to remember that we might “pay for it” and should to be prepared for what may follow.