Roy Smiles a Lot These Days!

Roy was raised by a single mother since he was nine and in her later years he became her caretaker. In the end, he lived with her and every evening, after getting her settled for the night, Roy would drink himself to sleep. He kept this up until she finally became too sick for him to care for any longer.

When mom went into nursing care, Roy wound up at Helping Up Mission in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. His addiction had him in both very ill health and a depressive state. Not a happy camper when he arrived, he acted more like he was a victim.

But while here Roy developed a personal and meaningful relationship with Jesus. Reading the Bible has become a regular part of his daily routine and he finds empowerment there. Roy also began to accept responsibility for his own life and started to address his mental health and physical problems.

Eight months later, mom is in hospice care, but well-cared for. Roy is in pretty good health – mentally, physically and spiritually. He has even found his father, who stepped out of his life 35 years ago. Today they are having regular and meaningful communications. Roy smiles a lot these days – wonder why?!?!