The “J” Word!

Bud’s a bright sincere guy who has struggled with addiction for quite a few years. He arrived at our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program feeling pretty low and didn’t have a lot of hope.

Coming here with no real faith at all, Bud had only studied another religious tradition with a friend. The way we talk about Jesus, the Bible and recovery here at Helping Up Mission was a lot of new information for him.

Not that he’s been antagonistic, but Bud has been skeptical and asks lots of questions. It’s now been about 3 months and he has settled into a routine. He has also begun seriously considering our Biblical approach to his recovery

Along with the rest of the guys here, Bud attends classes, goes to meetings and has both spiritual and mental health counseling. At counseling this week, Bud decided he was now comfortable with saying and talking about “the ‘J’ word” – Jesus!

I know how Jesus changed my life and am excited for Bud and his process. May 2014 be a life-changing year for him, too!

One Year at a Time…Lived One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director