Proverb for the Day 2:4 — The Good Stuff!

and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure,

This verse is part of a series of ongoing “if-then” directives from Solomon to his son at the beginning of the chapter (2:1-5). He suggests going after “wisdom,” “understanding” and “insight” (:2-3) as one would “look for” or “search for” “silver” or “hidden treasure” (:4).

Here, as elsewhere in Proverbs, Solomon connects these three qualities. It would seem they tend to come as a group – like grapes in a cluster or bananas in a bunch. Get one and you can have them all!

Throughout the book it is also clear that wisdom, understanding and insight are absolutely accessible to anyone who wants them. We just need to want them bad enough to actively go after them.

In this verse Solomon relates the value of these three qualities to financial wealth. Treat them and go after them like you would seek after silver or hidden treasure. 

Guys here at Helping Up Mission have vast experience going after what they want – whether stuff, money or drugs! There was nothing a guy wouldn’t consider doing to get something he deemed important.

Yet, we all know how to go after what we want. Many of us have spent years chasing wealth, fame, importance or power. So today, along with Solomon’s son, let’s make the decision to start going after things that really count – the really good stuff!