February 2014 Executive Director Letter

Dear Friends,

It’s the cold time of the year and here at HUM, we are packed with people needing help.  Our overnight guests are permitted to stay at HUM during the day rather than go out into the cold.  Providing that extra service is the human and Christian thing to do.  But, we do need your help to provide the extra cold weather care needed for the 500 men who are part of our programs here at HUM.

I have been at HUM now for 20 years and I never would have dreamed we would be caring for so many men every day.  But, here we are doing it!   We are able to do it because every year more people help with contributions and we are able to reach further and help more people.  What an opportunity we all have to make a difference for hurting souls but, it’s up to us to seize it every month.

Your cold weather support gifts will provide the warm lodging, hot meals, clothes and a well rounded Spiritual Recovery program. The program meets the individual needs of 500 men going through a life crisis. They cannot make it without our help. But, our helping up work allows them to have a new life with a promising future.

Thank you for the special cold weather consideration as you decide what you can do this month to help.

-Bob Gehman