Focus on Recovery – Adam Mathis

When Adam first arrived here three years ago, he was a young alcoholic out of control. Yet, it was pretty clear from the beginning that he had already experienced a spiritual awakening through Jesus Christ. He regularly communicated a spiritual interest in Biblical truth and talked about Bible college from the first time we met.

But Adam struggled with self-confidence, no doubt due at least partially to his addiction. His faith didn’t empower him over alcohol and his spiritual walk was crippled by it.

When he returned to our Spiritual Recovery Program a second time, there was a new level of openness and a commitment to do things different. Certainly there was some new just good old-fashion discipline in his life. But Adam was also learning to live Honest, Open and Willing (HOW) in his daily spiritual walk and it gave him empowerment beyond his own ability.

He’s been clean over 2 years now and is genuinely enthusiastic about his life. He’s a very good student at Bible college and is attempting new challenges almost daily. Old Adam would not have had the confidence to even try. Even the interview for this newsletter was a big step of faith for him! But Adam’s found a new daily source of empowerment and it keeps working…one day at a time!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director