It’s Freezing Outside!

Well, it’s seems the term “Polar Vortex” as entered our vocabulary these past weeks!  The drastically changing winter weather has already included some of the most extreme temperatures in recent memory – with more sure to come.  And except for those who have personally experienced homelessness, it is difficult to fully understand the isolation, desolation, and pain that a man faces on the streets, under the bridges, on the park bench.

And make no mistake the most vulnerable are facing life-threatening circumstances each and every night, regardless of the daytime temperature. Recent surveys confirm 4,000+ are without shelter of any kind every night in Baltimore City, the surrounding counties, and Central Maryland.

That is why we’re so thankful for your prayers, encouragement and generous gifts that make the work at Helping Up Mission possible.  And each of the 500 men we serve every day and night feels the impact of your compassion!

Working together, we can continue to provide the life-saving shelter, hot full meals, and the compassionate care to hundreds this winter!  Please consider another gift for the men today, with the confidence that you are saving and changing lives!!

“Now It’s Up To Us!”