From His Wheelchair…

On Monday’s we share good things that happened over the weekend. This week Tony shared.
He’s been in a wheelchair for 6 years.

He’s been in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program for over 2 months. Tony’s also been pretty quiet in class.

He hasn’t spoken with his mother for over 3 months and hasn’t communicated with his father and brother for 10 years. That was until this weekend!

Now off restriction, Tony was invited to grandma’s house (dad’s mother) and T’s mom was there. They were glad to see each other and she was encouraged about his progress.

Grandma had one more surprise in story. Tony’s dad and brother also showed up. Both had been incarcerated and each just recently released. While they’re still struggling with their own issues, it was a good experience for Tony to see and talk with them.

But one more thing from the weekend, Tony also found a wheelchair basketball league he can join here in Baltimore! He assured me that he’s got a “J!”

We’ve seen quite a change in Tony’s attitude and focus since arriving here a couple of months ago. His weekend visit with family helped him get even more focused on his recovery. While still in that chair, things are looking up for Tony these days. It will continue…

…One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director