March 25th – His 8th Recovery Birthday!

It is my practice not to use a guy’s real name when I tell his story, but guys and their families always recognize them. This time he gave me permission in advance. Thought you would appreciate it.  GAB


Most anniversaries are for good stuff…NOT THIS ONE

March 24 2006 – The Longest Night Ever. On this date 8 years ago, I had hit “Rock Bottom”, having squandered my recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction. More tragically, I failed those nearest to me- my family – who had sacrificed SO MUCH for me, to help me recover.

And because of my choices, and the consequences, I faced hopelessness, helplessness, AND HOMELESSNESS in a city lacking any family, friends, anyone I knew or could turn to.

But, PRAISE GOD for HIS infinite love, HIS gift of salvation through Jesus, HIS redemption, restoration, reconciliation, and renewal. And HIS Power through the Holy Spirit. HE loved me enough to save me from physical death, pull me from the abyss, and set my feet on solid ground. And HE chooses to continue what HE started…but I won’t jump ahead too far!!

We serve an AMAZING GOD!!
Kris Sharrar
Director of Development
Helping Up Mission