Working On Something Here!

Addiction has taken its toll on Wes’s life, career and relationships. He arrived at Helping Up Mission 3 months ago because he really needed help getting his life together – and he had no place else to go!

Once here Wes made a reconnection with God that has been impactful to him. He’s listening and learning today.

A major issue for him has been his ongoing battles with his father. While in his addiction, Wes and his dad have struggled to communicate, let alone appreciate each other. It bothered Wes back then, but weighs heavy on him these days.

So last weekend Wes woke up and began crying – and He knew what he needed to do. He wrote his dad a letter acknowledging all the inappropriate behaviors and words that have come from him.

Wes hasn’t received an answer from his dad yet – but he’s already feeling the relief of just being honest about his own stuff. Of course, I imagine dad has heard “I’ve changed” before and may be a bit skeptical.

But Wes has started a paradigm shift in the way he thinks and behaves. He bases it on Biblical principles and it’s helping him today.

In the end, Wes can’t control his dad’s feelings any more than dad could control Wes’s in the past. But I expect to hear some good results and even closure on the past for them both.

It works if you work it – and Wes is working on something here these days!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director