Okay, I’ll Give Spiritual Recovery a Chance!

Craig grew up in a family of addiction. Mom is still in active addiction today and dad is a grumpy weed smoking pill popper. Craig remembers visiting crack houses with them at age 12. By age 16 he began using both heroin and cocaine with them.

Since then, Craig’s been in and out of juvenile detention centers, city and county jails and state prison. Now in his early 30’s, Craig finished his last prison sentence 18 months ago and, this time, he wanted to get it right.

He stayed clean 8 months and married his son’s mother. But life showed up and Craig started using again, got into some legal trouble and wound up here.

He said this is the first recovery program he’s ever tried and this is the first time he’s ever made a conscious effort to connect with God. It’s been meaningful and empowering for him. Craig says even his wife can see it!

Still a long way to go, still legal issues to be addressed, still very new to spiritual recovery. But Craig has hope today and a sense that God’s got a plan for his life and will put him where he needs to be when he needs to be there.

This Jesus stuff works pretty well…

…One Day at a Time!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director