Proverb for the Day 14:11 — Wicked Houses & Upright Tents!

The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish.

This verse says that things the wicked have “will be destroyed.” Their “house” is particularly mentioned – something that is solid, stable and permanent. Whatever they are able to amass will eventually be destroyed.

In contrast, ‘the tent of the upright stands,” that is, continues and “will flourish.” A tent should not last, but it does here.

These people are the exact opposite – “wicked” vs. “upright.” Their possessions are opposite, too – house (permanent) vs. tent (temporary).

Interestingly, the verse doesn’t mention God at all, let alone say that He is going to destroy the wicked’s house – just that it will happen. Those of us who have been around a few years are well aware that the consequences of our choices, alone, are sufficient to take us down.

So the wicked’s difficulty here may have nothing to do with the direct intervention of God, just the natural result of our own “best thinking.” The same can be said for the upright, too.

Although, almost by definition, they have an appropriate God-connection – good choices do lead to good outcomes. But we can also expect some divine intervention in their situation, as well.

Yet the wicked can get God’s supernatural help, too. They just need to be able to start being honest, open and willing with God – and He will supernaturally move in their lives, too!