Proverb for the Day 28:13 — Busted!

He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

The person in this verse did some “sins.” Now there are just two choices for him to make. He either “conceals his sins” or he “confesses (admit) and renounces (turns away from) them.” It’s pretty simple, this isn’t rocket science!

Then there are two consequences based on his choices: “not prosper” or “finds mercy.”

We all sin! In fact, the Hebrew term is often translated “transgressions.” That means we crossed a line we weren’t supposed to cross. Busted!

The Bible’s pretty clear that God will not allow us to continue in our sins and that it will cost us to continue to try. It’s also clear that He is very ready to extend His mercy to any and all who will just be honest about their sins and commit themselves to do the next right thing.

Of course, we might make such commitments but then struggle again (relapse!). Then what do we do?

The same thing again – admit and turn away from. The more honest about ourselves and our actions we become the easier it is to access His help and empowerment to turn away and be different people.

Just for the record, we can’t do this in our own power. But being this honest about myself is empowering and helps me connect to His mercy and additional empowerment.

Actually, this verse doesn’t mention God at all. But the Bible is clear this is how it works with Him.

But it works with people, too. As I am willing to get honest and come clean with others (especially after I have done so with God), it’s amazing how others will extend me mercy, too.

It’s like a miracle. But if there is a God, it’s what we should be able to expect!