Character Quality of the Week: Humility – One Guy’s Personal Journey

Each week at Helping Up Mission we focus on a Character Quality (see This week it’s Humility and Kris shared this online and in Morning Devotions with the men of Helping Up Mission.

He’s sharing this whole wonderful GOD story at Celebrate Recovery on April 25, 7:30 PM at Streetlite Church in Baltimore.
Before his downfall, a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honor (Proverbs 18:12)

My Take – So… here we are on March 25th, the 8th anniversary of my recovery journey…a journey that began at Helping Up Mission. It’s all-together appropriate that Humility is this week’s character quality (see post below). Before my catastrophe, I’m certain that I would have been described as a “self-assured, confident ” (aka Arrogant) man who “knew where he was going in life.

My prideful and self-righteous nature led me to many places (spiritually, emotionally, relationally, professionally) that contributed to my downfall. I was truly a “legend in my own mind”. I’m certain “humble” would not made it to the board on Family Feud, to the ? “Describe Kris Sharrar in one word”

Now, I am thankful for how GOD allowed me to be broken down and humiliated! Like in the dictionary…humiliation came before humility! And I am thankful for Helping Up Mission and all who pour their encouragement, support, prayers, and gifts to save and change lives!! To GOD Be The Glory!!

Kris Sharrar
Director of Development
Helping Up Mission