Grandpa’s Working On Something These Days…

Alan’s spend years running from God, family, society, even himself! This is his 3rd time here and both previous times he left to live in a tent in the woods.

Right now Alan’s at the place in our program when left both times before – 5 months. But things seem different this trip. He’s manning up to things he never faced before and is addressing life issues these days.

Not surprisingly – now that he’s doing things differently – different kinds of things are happening to him. He and his wife are on speaking terms again after a decade of no contact.
Alan has a grown son from another relationship. He was never around for his boy and the last time they even spoke was 2 years ago. Through a friend, Alan heard this week that his son now has a 6-month old baby daughter.
That makes Alan a grandfather! The old guy was telling this story in class and got all chocked up. He has lots of regrets for not being around for his son and would like to do different with his first grandchild.
Alan’s friend also said his son has been trying to locate him – but Alan didn’t have a phone in his tent! Alan got his boy’s number and called.
He spoke to his daughter-in-law and then got all choked up again just talking about it. She was excited to hear from him and was glad to know where Alan is and what he is doing. She also said they would very much like him to come and visit soon.
Grandpa’s working on something these days and he’s feeling pretty good about how it’s working for him!
Still One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director