Judge – “Since We’re Talking About This, I Donate to HUM, Too!”

When I write tweets and blogs I always use factious names to protect the guilty and the innocent, but their stories are true. I need to do the same with this one, too.

One of our guys has a long criminal record largely due to his addiction. He’s been in and out of jails, institutions and programs for over a decade.

There was another violation and he just went to court again, but this day in court was a bit unusual. He shared that what has happened for him at Helping Up Mission over the past 4 months has been totally different than what’s in his record on the judge’s desk.

His dad got up and said he never been willing to put up with his son’s behaviors, but something is different since he’s been at HUM. One of our staff also talked and told about our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program and the progress this guy has made here.

Then the judge spoke. He said, “Full disclosure here. Since we’re talking about this, I donate to Helping Up Mission, too, and also believe in what happens there…”

Unfortunately, our guy is guilty. He didn’t dispute that and will have to do some time. But the judge put sentencing off till next month.

Not sure what will happen, but the truth is that God can make a difference in a guy’s life – and even the courts know that it’s true!

One Guy, One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director