Proverb for the Day 4:9 — Spiritual Street Cred!

She will set a garland of grace on your head and present you with a crown of splendor.

This is the final verse of a message Solomon shared with his sons (:1), which he had received from his father, King David (:4-9). David was explaining to Solomon the value of wisdom and understanding.

In this verse David said wisdom will enhance one’s appearance like two different types of head coverings – a “garland of grace” and a “crown of splendor.”

The “garland of grace” suggests something twisted (the Hebrew word translated “garland”) -maybe branches twisted into a wreath or a cloth turban. Whether a “designer” item or just an “everyman’s” daily accessory, it is described as offering “grace” to the wearer. That sounds like there were benefits to wearing it.

A “crown of splendor” is mentioned frequently in the Old Testament and is best understood as a royal crown, whatever material if was made from or whatever form it took. It seems logical that this “crown” would bring “splendor” to the wearer, also sounding like a very good thing.

Both head coverings are mentioned in a positive light. Presumably each was designed to make the wearer look or feel good.

That’s what King David said wisdom will do for us. She will empower us to think and do things that help us look and feel good about ourselves. She can also hook us up for some pretty good “street cred” with others, too!