Said He’s Having a 10+ Day!

I started my class of new guys one morning last week by asking, “How are you doing today – on a scale of 1-10?” Responses ranged from 1 to 9.

Antonio was also hanging out in my classroom that morning. An upper classman, he’s been here in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program for 8 months. Antonio announced he was “a 10+.”

Well, we wanted to hear more…Not too long before arriving at Helping Up Mission, Antonio’s brother passed away. They were best friends in life and addiction.

But the look on his mother’s face at the funeral made Antonio decide he must stop. Afterwards he visited his brother’s grave alone and did his last drugs there. Then, with family support, Antonio came to HUM.

So that day in class, Antonio was just very grateful for all God is doing in his life. Clean these 8 months and restored to his family, he’s committed to helping others who are struggling.

The passing of loved ones is such a critical moment in life which can impact us forever. Guys at HUM usually go off the deep end when this happens.

But Antonia is a reminder it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s one day at a time and, at least for today, it’s a 10+!

One Life at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director