Jack Left Another Program…Or Did He?

In his late 20’s, Jack’s really messed things up with drugs and alcohol. Over the past decade he’s spent a couple of years incarcerated and been in 20 drug rehab programs.

At first he didn’t care or want to get clean. But recently he’s concluded he really is out of control and wants to change.

Jack’s also seen what his addiction has done to his relationships, especially family. Mom’s always believed in him and, consequently, keeps getting her heart broken.

So Jack came to Helping Up Mission because he is sick and tired of being Jack. Mom even dropped him off.

He spent the first week as an applicant, according to our protocol. He did get word to mom that he was staying and she brought him some personal items.

Because he wasn’t officially in our program yet, our front desk had absolutely nothing to share with his mother. Mom assumed he’d simply walked away from another program and hopes were dashed again.

But Jack was here and called mom later to see if she was bringing his stuff. She said I did and you weren’t there!

So the Friday Jack officially joined our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program he told me the story. He asked if I would contact her, myself, and tell her he really was here!

But, in the past he’d paid people to say he was in a program and he wasn’t, so Jack wasn’t sure she would believe me! Well, I called, she believed me and even came back with Jack’s stuff.

That was a month ago and Jack’s still here. I don’t know about tomorrow, but today Jack’s working on his recovery. Mom’s still in his corner. God is, too!