Proverb for the Day 15:13 — Happy Heart vs. Crushed Spirit…My Choice!

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.

What others see about us on the outside is ultimately based on what we are feeling on the inside. This verse says “the face cheerful” comes from “a happy heart.”

No one would argue that such a “happy heart” is a natural outcome of a life in harmony with the plan God has for me. Most of us also know that living out of harmony with that plan can keep us from a “happy heart” and even lead to real “heartache.”

Staying in such “heartache” too long eventually “crushes the spirit” of a person. And that is probably as hopeless and helpless a place as any of us can imagine.

With no hope in sight, we tend to not care about what we do to ourselves or others…Anything goes!

Many guys arrive at Helping Up Mission with severe “heartache” and “crushed spirits.” Fortunately, one of the things we do best here, is offer a guy some hope.

Just looking around, they start seeing cheerful faces of other clients and volunteers who come to serve. At that point a guy can begin to imagine it might be possible for him to feel that way, too.

Hope leads to some answers which begin to make a difference in our lives. That leads to empowerment where God begins to break through.

Hope, answers and empowerment produce transformation. It’s all possible and it starts on the inside – how we think and how we feel!