Truck Drivin’ Taylor!

In class yesterday morning, Taylor shared how Spiritual Recovery is working in his life. He’s had a 20 year drug addiction and says he’d never been clean of one chemical or another for 2 full weeks since he started using.

Now clean over 9 months here at Helping Up Mission, it is time for Taylor to take the next step in reclaiming his life. A quiet and reserved guy, it’s hard to know what he’s thinking or wants to do.

But, since the days when he started in his addiction, Taylor has always wanted to be a truck driver. Sadly, he could never get himself together enough to make anything happen.

So when he became eligible to go to work or college in our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program, Taylor was told about a privately funded grant for specialized vocational training. He spend a lot of time writing and filling out forms.

He got pretty discouraged about the process and considered giving up, but persevered. Then Taylor got word that he received a full grant to go a local 4-month CDL driver training program. Yesterday afternoon was his first day of classes!

He is so grateful and excited. Taylor’s inspiring other guys that this kind of good stuff can happen to them, too – and it can…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director