Proverb for the Day 13:10 — Quarrels Or Advice – Interested?

Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.

This proverb contrasts two different qualities – “pride” and “wisdom.”  In Proverbs “pride” is viewed as the opposite of humility (“recognizing that God and others are actually responsible for the accomplishments in my life”– one of our HUM character qualities:

Self-centered, pride “only breeds quarrels.” It does not produces good things in our lives or anyone else’s.

On the other hand, “wisdom” looks at life differently and produces the opposite. At HUM, wisdom is another of our character qualities. We define it as “seeing life from God’s point of view.”

Proverbs is the book of the Bible that focuses on wisdom the most. It is totally available to all of us and this verses notes we can receive wisdom if we are willing to “take advice” from others.

When we think we have all the answers and know what is best – operating out of pride – we will just cause hurt and damage. As we listen, learn and “see life from God’s point of view” we can be different and make a difference.

This verse reminds us there are two ways to think and two very different results which come from them. And I get to choose each day which way I want to go!