A Bright, Hard Charging, Thirty-something, ADD, Military Veteran Addict!

Chuck’s 30 and a very bright, hard charging, military veteran, ADD addict. When he arrived for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, Chuck was wired!

He spoke up in class and said exactly what he thought – about life, himself, others, our Program. I didn’t think he would stay a week. I wasn’t sure we even wanted him to stay!

But Chuck is a really smart guy and knew he needed help. He also processed information he was receiving, and through lots of counseling he began to find some middle ground in his thinking and began to calm down and settle in.

We also tried to keep Chuck busy with work therapy responsibilities. He would always do his part and then try to do somebody else’s too. Unfortunately he’d get on everyone’s nerves in that department and we’d have to move him to something else.

It’s been 10 months now and we just had a short talk. He is amazingly calmer and settled and has a sense of a plan. It’s also very clear that Chuck understands that this isn’t his plan – he can see God really is at work in his life.

I know it’s just one day at a time, so I get encouraged every time I see Chuck’s still here working on something. He is a different guy and he really does see life differently these days.

Just another reminder that God is alive and well and working down here in East Baltimore! Spiritual recovery really does work.

One Guy, One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director