Proverb for the Day 21:10 — Really Bad Dudes…& Dudettes!

The wicked crave evil; their neighbors get no mercy from them.
This verse is about “the wicked” – how they think and act. It isn’t a pretty picture.
They “crave evil,” that is have staked out a position for themselves which is hurtful and harmful to others. It is their modus operandi (MO) – the way they live and why they do it.

Apparently, the wicked appreciate making the lives of others uncomfortable. Consequently, there is no “no mercy,” grace or favor extended from them to anyone, not even to “their neighbors.”

The idea behind this word “neighbor” comes from a flock of sheep grazing in the same pasture. They’re together and sharing some of the same things. Yet this neighbor-thing means nothing to the wicked.

It’s kind of a scary thought that folks like this live all around us, but it’s a fact of life. Just watch the news or read the papers.

BUT…the good news is that “the wicked” don’t have to stay that way! So many guys at Helping Up Mission would say in an honest moment that they used to operate as this wicked guy.

But not anymore! In fact, the guys that I’ve come to know in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program seems so far from the wicked guy described here that I have a hard time believing they could have ever been that guy.

If there really is a God, then He needs to be able to change the wicked. I’m happy to report that there is – and that He can and does change the wicked!

Know someone you think might qualify for this verse? Jesus can change them…you can pray!