Focus on Recovery – Ryan Cashman

HUM’s 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program is full of smart, capable guys who have also accomplished some pretty cool things in life. Yet they still found themselves unable to effectively address inner emotional struggles that just wouldn’t go away. Consequently, they turned to chemicals as a temporary fix!

This was Ryan’s story, too.

While he had family, he felt alone and craved acceptance. And like many of us, Ryan took a wrong turn trying to fill that inner void.

“Since I’m not much good to anyone else if I’m not okay with myself,” he managed to mess up a marriage and a successful career while trying to ease his pain with drugs. Ryan also wound up in jail! But guys often say lockup was an important spiritual time in their lives. It’s how Ryan wound up here.

It isn’t easy facing the truth about ourselves, let alone admitting it to anyone else. That was Ryan. So, from the beginning, we have guys share their stories in class. After all, we’re only as sick as our secrets!

It turns out Ryan’s story – while unique – was still so similar to everyone else’s! He got comfortable admitting who he was and where he was. In fact, as an upper classman, he would stop by class and shared his story with new guys.

Spiritual recovery works, because it changes us from the inside out. Just ask Ryan!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director