May 2014 Executive Director Letter

Dear Friends,

The hope of Spring is alive at Helping Up Mission (HUM)! And you help keep hope alive through the monthly support you give to the 500 men in HUM’s programs. They are not only recovering their lives from destructive addiction, but are discovering a new, reasonably happy life, without drugs.

Ryan Cashman reveals in his story what I think is one of the major challenges for many of the men here at HUM. There are many temptations to leave the Spiritual Recovery Program prematurely. When they yield to that temptation, their chances for real life change greatly diminishes.

With your help, I believe we can keep our men at HUM longer. As we grow in financial strength, we will be able to provide more individual pastoral and spiritual help.

The average length of stay for all the men who enter HUM’s Spiritual Recovery Program is 135 days. Imagine if we can increase that average length of stay to 6 months (180 days)! The spiritual roots of the men will be stronger and the storms of life will not be able to uproot them. Their lives can continue to flourish long after they leave the Mission.

Please send a gift this month. You will keep hope alive for 500 men and their families. Thank you for helping us grow in financial strength so we can provide more men with the spiritual care they need to stay in the program longer and succeed. May your generosity be blessed according to God’s riches!

Robert K. Gehman
Executive Director