G1 & G2…Both On The Same Day!

Greg1 came to Helping Up Mission a physical and psychological mess in 2011. Alcohol ruined his life and his health and he wasn’t sure he could ever feel good again.

He graduated from our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program and stayed on another 6 months working here on campus as a graduate intern.

At 18 months sober, Greg moved on to live and work in the community. But life showed up – and Greg didn’t continue doing the things that got and kept him clean for a year and a half.

He struggled a while, but finally swallowed his pride and came back for “graduate studies” in our 6-month Graduate Spiritual Recovery Program. He finishes this month.

Greg’s back working in the community so I don’t see him much these days, but just ran into him. He’s feeling good about himself and life again – and he looks great! Greg returned here with a 44-inch waist and now is a 34!

I also ran into Greg2 a little later. Also a HUM grad, he arrived here 18 months ago struggling with a drug addiction.

G2 wanted to change and worked hard at his recovery. Today he resides on campus in graduate transitional housing and has been working for one of the community’s large local employers for over a year.

Greg2 looks and sounds great, too, and really appreciates his recovery today. Spiritual Recovery really works – if you work it!

One Guy, One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director