He Started Hiking To Find Himself…

Pete’s a smart 40-something who was able to get good jobs, but never earned his high school diploma. As a younger man he’d also experienced a true spiritual awakening, but continued struggling with alcohol for years.

He wanted so much more out of life but just couldn’t get started. Even 18 months clean – while living and working in New Orleans! – wasn’t enough. Pete still needed something else.

So he decided to hike the Appalachian Trail and “find himself.” Pete quit his going-nowhere job, got rid of his stuff and headed north alone.

While a good experience, he still had no anchor for his life. When offered a beer around an evening campfire with others, Pete decided he’d earned it. A 100 miles later, he decided to have another – or two – and then it was on!

Out-of-control again, he called his loving and supportive parents and told them what happened. He asked for their help and, after looking on-line, they recommended Pete come to Baltimore.

He was going to join another program, but spent his first night in the city here. Planning to stay at a “mission,” upon entering our building, Pete didn’t think this was the right place! Assured it was, he joined our other overnight guests that evening.

Hearing about our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, Pete decided he needed to be here. That was one year ago!

So, last Monday Pete received his Maryland High School diploma. Friday he finished our program. And mom and dad were here for it all!

Pete will continue living and working here on campus, coordinating our Learning Center. He’ll also start college next fall.

His future’s looking pretty bright, these days. Reestablishing his spiritual connection to God at Helping Up Mission, Pete found himself!

One Guy at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director