I Just Can’t Take it Any More at This Job!

Len was at Helping Up Mission before. After struggling with addiction for decades he came here in 2012 looking for answers.

A no-nonsense type of guy, he took our suggestions seriously and made significant strides in recovery. In fact, after settling back into a nice job, Len felt so good he didn’t think he needed to stay and finish our program.

Leaving just weeks before graduation, he moved back into the community. But without the accountability and structure he practiced here at Helping Up Mission, it wasn’t long before Len relapsed.

Unfortunately, he experienced what many others have also come to know. While it took years to sink to the depths of his addiction the first time, it only took weeks to get right back there this time.

Then it was a few more months before Len could swallow his pride and come back here. But he did, again took good suggestions, focused on his own recovery and got back to work again. 

Things didn’t go well at this job and Len wanted to leave – very badly! Rather than do it his own way, he stayed connected with Dick, our vocational coordinator, about how things were going. Dick agreed to help Len find something else.

But this week Len said “I’m done! I have to go.” Dick told him to resign and they’d figure something out.

Next day Len called again. “You won’t believe what’s happened!”

“Before I could resign, the company president told me they appreciated my work ethic and want to train me on new equipment. They’ll pay me $1 more per hour during training and $2 an hour more once I start operating it. I decided not to resign!”

Len’s been working on something. Obviously more than God were watching!

Sometimes, its Just One Hour at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director