Proverb of the Day 20:6 — What Do You Mean I Can’t Do That!?!?

Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find?
This proverb says a couple of true things about us all. First, “many claim to have unfailing love.” “Unfailing love” comes from one of the strongest words of loyalty, love and commitment in the Old Testament. This love would be as good as it could possibly get!
The verse also asks the question, “a faithful person who can find?” Another powerful Old Testament word, it denotes truth and honesty – it’s the root for our English word “amen,” meaning “truly,” “verily” or “so be it!”
I believe the correct answer to this question should be – no one can find a faithful person. The truth is that we all fall short in our own ability and power!
But the message of this verse is not to disparage us or make us feel bad. On the contrary, it’s designed to liberate and empower us!
I will never measure up appropriately to either “unfailing love” or “a faithful person” in my own power – and God doesn’t expect me to be able to do so! In truth, the whole idea is to get me to just be honest about the fact that I can’t.

At that point, I am ready and able to tap into the supernatural empowerment that comes from Him. God can create this “unfailing love” and “faithful person” in me.

Our verse suggests the very reason why Jesus came to earth! I can have a supernatural spiritual walk by His empowerment, if I’m just willing to admit I can’t do it in my own strength and accept that He can and will do it for me.