Proverb for the Day 30:3 — I Know Nooo-thing!

I have not learned wisdom, nor have I attained to the knowledge of the Holy One.
This is the third of three verses where Agur speaks about himself – some really honest talk. Admittedly, this verse has been translated differently, but I think this one is appropriate based on the Hebrew text.

In addition to acknowledging a lack of “understanding” in verse 2, here Agur also admits his deficiency in “wisdom” and “knowledge.” With these three terms – understanding…wisdom… knowledge – Agur’s words tie to the message of the whole book of Proverbs.

Again and again, we read about these three character qualities. They’re available and also tend to come as a group, like grapes in a cluster and bananas in a bunch. You get one, you get them all!

Yet, here, at the end of the book, Agur admits it’s a struggle for him. An amazingly observant guy – just see the rest of this chapter! – he doesn’t pretend he’s got it all together when he knows he doesn’t.

So, two final and very meaningful – at least to me! – thoughts from this verse. First, the good news for Agur and anyone else is that we don’t have to stay in our deficiencies. The whole message of Proverbs is that this enlightenment is available to anyone who admits they need it and receives it.

Secondly, such honesty is refreshing to hear, but liberating and empowering to experience and share! I know I’m just not that good or smart. Yet in acknowledging it to myself, God and others, I’ve been able to see things differently (“from God’s point of view” – our definition of wisdom).

My life has become so wonderfully and excitingly different as I’ve imperfectly practice this. It’s working for me and can work for you, too. So, come on in – the water’s fine!