Still Young Mark…But Not Old Mark!!!!

Mark’s a young guy who’s spent a lot of years doing some really bad things in his addiction. When he finally decided he wanted to live differently, Mark chose to come to Helping Up Mission.

That was 9 months ago, but he had a legal issue which needed to be addressed before he could join our program. He turned himself in and spent 9 months in lockup.

Mark admits he used some chemicals the first couple months while incarcerated(!), but chose to stop. Yet, while clean from chemicals, he also admits he didn’t change any of his behaviors.

He still acted like the same old Mark. “Clean and crazy” as they say in Narcotics Anonymous.

Then, when he got out, Mark came directly here. He really didn’t want to use anymore.

It’s been almost 3 weeks now. In class last week, Mark ran down a litany of things that he doesn’t do these days. He’s not practicing his same old dope fiend ways.

But he’s still frustrated because he doesn’t feel like he’s had any kind of spiritual awakening. He wants it all – and he wants it now!

Yet other guys in class shared how Mark has been changing since he arrived. Sometimes we’re the last to see it!

I wish there was a pill for spiritual walk and recovery, but there’s not. Yet there is supernatural empowerment when I admit I can’t, but He can and I chose to let Him do for me what I can’t do for myself.

One day at a time, Mark. It does work, if you work it!