Proverb of the Day 18:9 — Slacker & Destroyer…Birds of a Feather!

One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys.
We all know that someone who “destroys” stuff – especially other people’s – would not generally be considered a good person. But we probably don’t think that “one who is slack in his work is brother” to the destroyer!
To be “slack in his work” wouldn’t seem to be a big deal to most of us. After all, it’s not like I won’t do it. I’ll just get around to it a little later.
Sadly, we’re all way too familiar with the reality of saying “I’ll get around to it later” – but never do! Probably the worst part about our slackness is that our failure to follow through with things so often makes it difficult for others. 
Most of us wouldn’t think of destroying someone else’s stuff, but we might not consider it a big deal if we don’t stay on top of what they have asked us to do. But our slackness may end up having the exact same result for them.
So, while we would not want to be considered by others as a “destroyer” of other people’s things, we should not want to be known as a slacker, either. So, the modern equivalent of this proverb might be the wise saying “get ‘er done!”