From a Hard-Drinking 20-Something to a Thoughtful Focused 50-Something…It Happens!

Eric was a headstrong twenty-something who managed to get three DUIs by age 23. He lost his license.

But that didn’t stop a guy like Eric – he went on and drove anyway! That landed him three Driving on a Suspended License violations and some jail time.

All that was in the ’80’s. Since then, Eric managed to drink and incarcerate himself through life right up to 2014. So, at 53, he showed up at Helping Up Mission. But that young hard charger was gone.

Older, wiser and really tired of living this way, Eric was willing to try something new – spirituality and sobriety. Now 6 months into our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program, he’s enjoying both.

Eric feels good about himself again and is ready to begin going back out there and deal with life from a whole new perspective. As part of that process, he’s going to try and get his license reinstated – after 30 years!

We’re glad to see him focused and wanting to work at getting himself back on the road again soon. It will be a process, but today Eric is willing to work through the system.

It still works if you work it…

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director