Daniel’s Dad Died Today…

We consider the 500 men residing at Helping Up Mission as one big, happy, dysfunctional family! We’ve learned to know, respect and love each other – in spite of our idiosyncrasies!

As I was leaving last night, Johnny told me Daniel’s dad was very ill and wanted me to talk with him today. When I saw Daniel this morning he just learned that his father had passed away.

As we talked and prayed together, I was struck by his resolve to stay the course.

Daniel arrived at Helping Up Mission almost 3 years ago. In his 50’s, he’d been drinking and drugging for years and was worn out when he got here.

Consequently, Daniel settled into our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program pretty quickly. Early on, Daniel reestablished his connection with God – from whom he’d been running for quite a while.

Daniel’s always been diligent about his daily work therapy assignment here on campus. He says doing his job to the best of his ability is his way of giving back.

But Daniel had other focuses, too! He joined our high school diploma program and earned his about the same time he graduated from our Program.

Continuing to live on campus and working here as a graduate intern, Daniel took advantage of our dental program. Shortly after both graduations he received a whole new mouthful of teeth!

As we talked this morning, he recounted all this to me. He noted his parents got to see it all happen in his life during the past 3 years!

Daniel’s helping his sister with funeral arrangements but is also staying active and connected to his big dysfunctional family here. He even managed a smile with that new set of teeth!

Whenever I get discouraged around here, I just stop and look around. Spiritual recovery works! Just ask Daniel.