Proverb for the Day 31:2 — Listen, Listen, Listen!

Listen, my son! Listen, son of my womb! Listen, my son, the answer to my prayers!

This chapter is a message to King Lemuel from his mother (:1). Her words start in our verse – with her telling him three times to “listen!”

One of the things most of us do not appreciate is someone telling us to listen to them, but that’s exactly what Lemuel’s mother says to him. She says so, based on the relationship they have – “son of my womb” and “the answer to my prayers.”

I’d like to suggest that momma’s got something here. The single best way to get a hearing to what I’ve got to say to others is for me to be in a meaningful relationship with them!

Just telling me to listen and then announcing what you want to say doesn’t always impact me. But I am much more willing to hear what you want to tell me if I believe you care about me and have taken the time and energy to show it.

So, while most of us hate hearing someone say “listen to me,” we will generally listen, if we believe they have something of value for us. That will start with taking the time to invest something in our lives.

I’m sure you have something good to say…and momma gives us a good idea about how it can make an impact!