Don’t Call Me Any More!

Sam’s a new young guy here at Helping Up Mission. Last week, he was sitting quietly reading and, as I walked by, I said, “How you doing?”

He said, “Wonderful” with such enthusiasm that I decided to see what’ was happening. Sam told me he’d spend a good bit of the past year homeless – not here on the city streets, but in the woods out in the country.

Things had gotten pretty bad and he had pretty much burned up all his bridges back to family and friends. Life was no fun.

Even his mother finally said, “I’ve started making funeral preparations for you. Don’t call me anymore. Just be sure you carry around a note in your pocket saying who you are and your next of kin so the people who find you will know what to do with your body.”

It eventually got so bad that Sam decided try to something different. It was recommended to him that he join our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program.

Sam’s been here 3 weeks now. Of course there are plenty of daily struggles. He’s  just 1 of 500 men who reside on our campus.

But he’s working on himself these days and feels so much better about his situation. Sam’s even beginning to feel good about himself again!

The night before we spoke there was a terrible storm here in Baltimore. With a smile he told me how grateful to be here, inside and dry, as opposed to staying outdoors.

Sam did tell mom he was here. She was so relieved and now wants him to call regularly!

He’s still got a long way to go, but he’s clearly moving in the right direction. And Sam’s got some hope in his life again today.

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director