Proverb for the Day 3:24 — The Perfect End To Any Day!

When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

In the context of this verse, verses 21-22 indicated one of the results of connecting to the supernaturally empowering character and insights of “sound judgment” and “discernment.” It involved their ability to offer us real life and make us more attractive in the sight of others.

Then verse 23 noted another benefit of such a connection. “Safety” and stability (“your foot will not stumble”) are our promise as we journey through life.

Today’s verse (:24) is the third example of empowerment from “sound judgment” and “discernment.” It is the blessing of sweet, restful sleep.

Full disclosure here, I sometimes have trouble putting my mind in neutral at night. Thoughts sometimes keep me from settling down to sleep.

Other times I wake up, start thinking and then struggle getting back to sleep. Generally it involves things I still need to do – but sometimes it’s about the stupid stuff I’ve already done!

This verse offers a general cure. When connected to “sound judgment” and “discernment” we can be empowered in our daily activities (:21-23) and even in our sleep at night!

Yet, sometimes, I still need some extra support. At that point, I have to consciously focus on the promises of God and His ongoing goodness in my life.

Meditating on such promises – which I have already memorized – has become a great tool to help me get back to the blessedness of sweet, restful sleep. One night at a time – sleep tight!