Proverb for the Day 1:14 — We Really Shouldn’t!

cast lots with us; we will all share the loot”
This is the third of four verses in which “sinners” (:10) suggest going after “the innocent” (:11). While Solomon tells his son to not follow them (:10), they say, “cast lots with us, we will all share the loot” (:14).
This verse just reminds us about the constant lure of people, places or things in the world. These guys offer the prospects of “loot” stolen from those innocent victims above.
While this is probably not a great temptation for most of us, vengeance or getting even might be. Or, maybe, just the thrill of attempting something and not getting caught. 

Whatever our motivation, we all know about trying some things we otherwise wouldn’t. The Bible talks about sins “which so easily entangles” (Hebrews 12:2). We’ve all got a few!

So, it’ll be important today that we stay honest about our shortcomings. We also need to make conscious decisions to not put ourselves in places where we’ll do things for which we will be sorry later.

Yet, there will still be times when we all do. At that point, we need to get honest about that, as well. Half of the 12 Steps deal with our past shortcomings (Steps 4-9).

If we are ever going to be the people we want to be, we’ll have to learn to make appropriate commitments. Face our bad decisions, deal with them and then let it go!