Proverb for the Day 15:6 — What’s You Got?!?!

The house of the righteous contains great treasure, but the income of the wicked brings ruin.

One of the regular contrasts in Proverbs is between “the righteous” and “the wicked.” This time it’s about their “treasure” and “money.”

“The righteous” have “great treasure” in “the house” where they live. Things that are important to them are gathered together in one place to be enjoyed and shared with others. Sounds like a pretty good way to live.

On the other hand, “the wicked” just can’t catch a break. Even “the income of the wicked” doesn’t do them any good (“brings ruin”).

It’s kind of like our modern wise saying “throwing good money after bad.” They try to get ahead (“income”) and it not only doesn’t help – it brings even more misery (“brings ruin”).

Two thoughts. The reason it’s going so badly for “the wicked” is because of their life focus, their worldview. They are running their own program for their own purposes and, like it was for the rest of us, that’s a recipe for disaster!

Secondly, the “great treasure” of “the righteous” no doubt includes way more than just stuff. They probably treasure many other things that “the wicked” don’t appreciate at all.

So, today might be a good time for us to stop and take inventory. First, look at ourselves and see which side of the fence we find ourselves.

Second, take a look around. Do we see “great treasure” or “ruin?” Third, decide what we should do about it!