Proverb for the Day 16:5 — He Hates It When I Do That!

The Lord detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.

While many Proverbs simply offer wisdom of about human intentions and interaction in everyday life, some note God’s direct involvement in the situation. This is one of those wise sayings.

It’s true that some walk around “proud of heart,” seemingly getting to do and say whatever they want. But this verse is very clear – “they will not go unpunished.”

When anyone goes through life “proud of heart” we make a few assumptions about life. Of necessity it starts with the idea that there is no God – or at least that He has no real power or influence over me.

Secondly, we would also assume that we really are in charge of our own destiny and have all the answers.

Finally, an ultimate conclusion of this thinking is that I really don’t need anyone else to mentor me or hold me accountable – because I’m really the only one who knows what’s going on here and I do know best!

Most of us know this is such a dead-end place to be – because we’ve tried being this person and failed miserably! And our verse says it will always turn out this way – because God hates it when we act like this and we can be certain that whenever any of us do, it will cost us!

But this verse doesn’t say why – and the reason is simple. He’s got a better plan for our lives than even we do and He knows best how to make it happen.

So, once again, it’s my everyday choice. I can go through life Honest, Open and Willing (HOW) or kicking and screaming.