Proverb for the Day 22:10 — An End To Strife, Quarrels & Insults!

Drive out the mocker, and out goes strife; quarrels and insults are ended.
Here we meet “the mocker” and the collateral damage he or she brings with them through life. This is a person whose words are not kind or appropriately honest. They don’t speak to help, but to hurt.
Consequently, in the wake of being around him or her comes a steady flow of “strife,” “quarrels” and “insults.” While this is no way to have to live, but we really can’t make them change if they aren’t interested in doing so. 
But we also don’t have to life with this kind of abuse, either. Our verse suggests an intervention of sorts in their life. 
To “drive out” suggests making a conscious deliberate decision – accompanied by appropriate action – to remove them from the equation. But there is no indication of doing them bodily harm (even if we want to!).
To no one’s surprise, when they are no longer in the picture all this abuse ceases.
Unfortunately, sometimes situations are such that we just can’t make them go away and we must learn to live with this one and all the confusion they bring. In such a case, the focus is on us to change some things.
We must understand who we are dealing with and the problems that arise in dealings with them. Then we need to develop some appropriate strategies to help us: face the turmoil, address it and, then – to the best of our ability – let it go!
Life is hard enough by itself and, if I have to deal with a “mocker,” too, that’s harsh. But we need to understand the situation and make our own appropriate choices. Because, in the end, I can have a good attitude – and you can’t stop me!