We Can’t Give Away What We Don’t Have!

Stefan’s a 20-something and has struggled with addiction since his early teens. He’s tried to stop before, but just never succeeded.

He’ showed up at Helping Up Mission for our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program (SRP) 2 months ago. Stefan’s begun developing a spiritual walk to empower his recovery and it’s working.

Like everyone else here, Stefan has a daily work responsibility as part of his recovery process. His is with our overnight guests. 

They arrive every evening for a shower, clean clothes, meal, chapel service, bed and breakfast. After that, they leave for the day but can return that evening for more of the same.

Like most of the men in our SRP, Stefan has a heart for these guys – because he’s been where they are and now he feels like he can offer them something better. So he cares and shares with anyone who’s interested.

One guy with whom Stefan spent a good bit of time over a couple of evenings was Sam. They enjoyed each other’s company and develop a good rapport. But Sam wasn’t interested in recovery at that point.

On Saturday morning Stefan was heading across the city and saw Sam. He was drug sick and needed detox.

So Stefan and spent the time necessary to help. He was even able to get Sam into the same detox he came from 2 months ago! Stefan felt good about helping and then went on his way.

Sunday Sam called Stefan and thanked him for caring and taking the time to help him. It just might have saved his life!

We don’t know what Sam with do next, but I do know that Stefan’s working on something. We can’t give away what we don’t have and we have to give it away to keep it!

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director