Proverb for the Day 24:7 — Don’t Be A Fool!

Wisdom is too high for fools; in the assembly at the gate they must not open their mouths.

We probably all agree with the general statement of this wise saying. But it also offers some interesting underlying truths.

Our working definition of Wisdom for Proverbs is “seeing life from God’s point of view.” And the Biblical definition of a “fool” is one who says there is no God (Psalms 14:1).

Consequently, “fools” really can’t know “wisdom” and what they bring to the table is going to be limited. Without such a worldview, it would be better if, “in the assembly at the gate,” fools “not open their mouths.”

Even if they are educated and intellectually brilliant, they’re missing the key ingredient for making the best decisions. In fact, their words “in the assembly at the gate,” on television or on the worldwide web can really get other people off track.

But “wisdom” can help anyone sort that out!

To be able to see life the way God looks at it would be a great thing. And Proverbs is clear that such a perspective is totally available to any and all who want to access it.

So, it’s a free country, we can listen to what we want to hear…but wisdom will help us see things as they really are. And that sets us up to make good choices – in this life and for the life to come!